HomeQuarter Coffeehouse Rewards 

Introducing the HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery Rewards Program

All you need is an iPhone or Android Device

Step 1 - Join HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery Rewards 

Go to 


Sign up and start earning reward point.

Step 2 - Earn Points with Every Purchase

Once you have joined each time you enjoy a meal or coffee you scan the QR code of your phone.  You will then earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

Step 3 - Claim Offer

Once you have the points needed you can claim your free gift.


12 oz Specialty Coffee - 40 points

Free Sandwich - 60 points

Free Bag of Coffee - 200 points

Step 4 - Redeem Your Gift

Next time you visit HomeQuarter Coffeehouse scan your QR code and the server will ensure you receive your gift.

Step 5 - Enjoy!!!!

HomeQuarter Coffeehouse *& Bakery Rewards Program
Rewards Program for HomeQuarter Coffeeho

Step 6 - Start Collecting Again

Android devices will need to download Wallet Passes