Welcome to December and Boy What a December it is Going to Be!!!

Our world is changing on a daily basis and we can only imagine how upside down

everyone’s life is turning out to be. With that in mind HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery is committed to make your life a little brighter. Whether it is just making you the most delicious coffee you have ever had or dishing you up one of our famous cinnamon buns we are here for you.

We have been busy as Christmas elves at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse developing a new menu, getting our Christmas baking in order, and fine tuning our Christmas meal. We have also been making sure we make it easier for you to enjoy HomeQuarter while staying safe.

How Are We Keeping You Safe-COVID Protocols

At HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery we are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience through our delicious food, unmatched service, and incredible hospitality. Even though some circumstances have changed, our devotion to you has not. We want you to know some of the steps we have taken to provide you with a worry-free dining experience and ask that you join us in helping to make our restaurant a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and your fellow guests.

In addition to the below precautions we will work directly with you when delivering your meals to ensure everyone's safety.

At HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery we will now be assisting you in finding a seat and waiting to have your order taken or for your drinks and meals. Please be patient we are following SHA guidelines to keep us all safe.

Click to see our complete COVID procedure go to our website.

What Does Christmas Look Like for You


There are a few traditions that make Christmas a very special time and we find that Christmas baking is one of them. So many memories are tied with Christmas baking whether it is your Grandma’s Jam Jam Cookies or making the perfect Whipped Shortbread or decorating sugar cookies with the kids in your family.

But the best part of Christmas baking is eating it! We have put together some amazing Christmas treats that you can order. While Christmas baking is super fun it can also be a bit of a challenge to make all the different treats you love. Let our bakers take the edge off and do the work for you. All you have to do is enjoy. Oh and you could share if you want.

Click to have a look at what we are offering and to order go to our website. (Insert link). You can order online, in person or over the phone.

Christmas Card Pictures

We are super excited to announce that Xsight Photography will be holding Christmas photo sittings at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse and Bakery. We are so proud of our little café here in Saskatoon. It was designed to be welcoming, bright and homey where your can gather with friends and family and embrace a mug of our amazing coffee and enjoy a breakfast, lunch

or dinner. And we think it is working because as we mentioned in a previous post our designers have won awards for the design of our café.

Well now we have a photographer that is going to use our gorgeous restaurant as the setting for your family Christmas photo. You can decide whether these will be hung on your wall for all to see or made into Christmas cards. Whether you decide to have your picture taken on our funky steps going up to the Hayloft or in front of our fireplace they will turn out gorgeous.

We will of course have the café decorated for Christmas, but in a Covid friendly manner. And don't forget while you are here to enjoy one complimentary beverage and snack to make your photo shoot even more enjoyable.

Xsight Photography will be taking bookings form Nov 15 to Dec 21 to ensure you receive your pictures in time for Christmas.

To book your 30 minute session directly with Xsight Photography go to https://square.site/book/K516MN6QF3KH8/xsight-photography-cinemas-saskatoon-sk

Get Together With Friends

The Saskatchewan government has limited households to 5 people. This means getting

Get Together with Friends at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery
Get Together with Friends at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery

together with friends or family is almost impossible. However, they are suggesting people have get together in restaurants. For many people this doesn’t make sense. Why should you be allowed to meet with people outside your home? We have the answer to that!

We constantly clean and disinfect and have procedures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. So, if you decide to meet three girlfriends for lunch, we have your back. Our seating is newly designed to encourage social distancing between you and other customers. In addition, we have put up plastic barriers where necessary. You and your friends can enjoy lunch, coffee and dessert and not have to worry. And we do all the dishes. It’s a win win!!!

After you have enjoyed something off our menu and go on your way someone comes behind you and disinfects your area so the next people who use that table are safe. Think of them as our little cleaning elves.

Why this is different from having people in your home is you probably don’t disinfect your total house after your guests have left.

With all of this in mind we invite you to come to our restaurant and enjoy one of our supper meals, lunch option or one of our incredible breakfast menu options.

Take Out and Delivery Everyday Menu

While we are doing everything we can to keep you safe, we understand some people are not comfortable going to restaurants. Everyone’s comfort level is different and if you feel more comfortable staying at home we get it. For this reason, we have upped our takeout and delivery service for Saskatoon.

Our entire menu is available for online orders . Just click on the link and order whatever you are craving.

You can order one of our new specialty coffees, such as our EggNog Latte, a soup and sandwich for lunch, or cinnamon buns for you and your family. Again, sharing is optional.

We can also help you with any small office and staff gatherings you are trying to plan.

Next choose whether you want to pick it up at our cafe or get it delivered. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 10am and 2pm we will also be offering curbside pick up. Place your order online and we will contact you regarding whether you want to come inside to pick it up or have us bring it to your car.

Just a note take out is available all day but delivery is only available 4:30pm to 7pm.

If you don’t like the order online option you can also check out our entire menu and give us a call (306-975-2010). We can walk you through all of our delicious menu items including our coffees, teas, lunch, supper and baked good.

Brand New Menu – Hot Supper Specials

Several times every year we like to change up our menu and let our chefs shine. Of course, this year has been different, so the shine has been a bit dull. But it is time to change that. We put our heads together and came up with an amazing Supper Special Menu. We will h

ave 6 supper specials each week, three for meat lovers and three for vegetarians. Each day of the week is a new special that you will get hot and fresh. To view the current menu go to the menu on our website and check out the current specials. This page is updated weekly on Sunday so you can see the specials coming up.

You can order ahead of time for dine in, takeout or delivery to ensure your supper or if you are a gambler show up and see what dishes we have left. Our website and social media will be posting the weekly specials, so you plan your meals ahead. Or you can give us a call and we will walk you through it.

Add some wine, a special coffee and dessert and you have a delicious gourmet meal at your fingertips.

Take Out & Delivery - Special Menu

While everything on our menu is available for takeout and delivery for the Saskatoon area we have also created some specific takeout meals. This is a bit fancier than a drive through but not quite as fancy as or Hot Supper Specials. But they are all delicious!!!You also get the choice of having your meal hot and ready to go or frozen to warm up at a later day. We have a pretty yummy selection of meals but will be changing it up on a regular basis so check back often. Click here for our takeout menu.

Gift Boxes and Gift Ideas

We are not sure if you know but HomeQuarter Coffeehouse has a very strong connection

with Riverbend Plantation. They are siblings! To bring the taste of the prairies to those on your gift giving list we have put together some great gift boxes. We have quite a variety of gift boxes so come on down to our restaurant by River Landing to check them out.

Gifting a Meal

We know Christmas is such a special time of the year. We get to spend time with friends and family. There is nothing like getting together with all your friends, siblings, cousins, mom, dad and, of course, grandparents. Sadly, this year we won’t be having the usual gatherings and we will be missing all those special people. Add to that the fact that a lot of

our parents and grandparent will not be spending any time with their loved ones. We want to help you lift their spirits. At any time you can order a meal, a coffee break, tea, and treats on our website and send it to anyone you want. We will also put a little note in it for you. Can you imagine how a delivery of tea, treats, and a meal would make your isolated grandma feel? We know it will make a huge difference. Just go to our online ordering page to have a look at what we have. Or is you have questions give us as call (306-975-2010).

Christmas Meal

To make Christmas have that special sparkle we see this time of year, we typically put together a Christmas meal that combines our farm roots with our gourmet cooking skills. Our Christmas supper is available from Dec 21 to Dec 24th. You can enjoy it in HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery, take it out or ask us to deliver it to you. This is also a perfect meal to send to someone you may be missing this Christmas. And of course, we have all the details for you on our website, Not sure anything on our website meets your needs, or not sure what your needs are give us a call (306-975-2010) and Grace would love to help you put together something that will definitely bring that Christmas cheer back to those who need it.

Well, for now we think we have let you know what is going on in our little cafe. It is our version of the Christmas letter that goes out to everyone in the family re-capping your year (boy those letters are going to be interesting this year). Stay safe everyone a

We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, we want the holiday you do observe to be everything it is meant to be.

Merry Christmas and Thank You for supporting us through 2020!