The Best of Spring in Saskatoon at HomeQuarter Coffee House

The Best of Spring in Saskatoon at HomeQuarter Coffee House

HomeQuarter Coffee House Spring Window
HomeQuarter Coffee House Spring Window

Well, Saskatoon, at HomeQuarter Coffee House we are extremely excited that spring is around the corner and we are sure you are too. We have had a little taste of spring throughout the month of March. But of course, Mother Nature had to remind us she is in charge and send one last blast of winter.

We had a lot of fun in March, especially with our Staycation. We hope you had fun and were able to enjoy our Tiki Bar and tropical break. We are so proud of our kitchen and the Staycation menu they put together. It was delicious!!! A few things will be continuing, such as the Avocado toast. We have more information on our new menu items a little later in the blog.

So after having so much fun with our Staycation, what are we going to do in April. Well, right off the top we are going to embrace and enjoy the fact that spring is here!!!

Easter Supper Celebration

We have put together another delicious meal to make your holiday celebration not only delicious but easy and stress free.

We will be taking orders until April 1st for pick up or delivery of your Easter meal either April 3 or 4th. As always you can order online, call us

(306-975-2010) or come on in and grab a coffee and order then.

Easter Meal Menu

Bone in Ham Scallop Potatoes (of course done the HomeQuarter Coffee House way) Spinach Pesto Salad Homemade buns Mini Egg Cheesecake – choice of chocolate or vanilla Chocolate Easter surprise

This is the perfect way to enjoy your Easter supper with your family (or bubble) or send a meal to someone who you can’t celebrate with. We think this is the most delicious gift.

Order Your Easter Meal Online

Don't Forget About Our Desserts

The only thing as delicious, or maybe more delicious, for Easter are our Easter desserts.

HomeQuarter Coffee House Easter Dessert
Easter Dessert

Colin, Lori, Babbet and Kalep have been as busy as the Easter bunny getting our signature Mini Easter Egg Cheesecakes ready to be devoured.

They have also been busy this year decorating Easter cookies.

While we think these are the best Easter treats around we don’t suggest hiding the cheesecakes in your Easter Egg hunt. A Mini Egg Cheesecake hidden in the dryer may not work out so well.

Check out our dessert display or order online

HomeQuarter Coffee House New Drinks for Spring

Even though it is hard to believe after the storm we just had spring is here. How do we know? Because we have our new drink menu ready to celebrate spring and enjoy well into summer. Our barristas look deep into their coffee cups for divine inspiration and came up with five new out of this world drinks. Well maybe not out of this world but from around the world.

Tropical Italian Soda

First up we have our new Tropical Italian Soda. This zingy little number will remind you of laying on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying a refreshing drink with raspberry, lime or mango.


We have taken an old classic and put a new spin on it by using bananas. You just may think you are sitting at a Tiki Bar in Puerto Rico.

Australian Flat White

Perfect when you need a shot of expresso but want a splash of milk to put towards your daily dairy intake.

Funky Monkey

Haven’t you always wanted a monkey (nod towards the Bare Naked Ladies)? Our baristas have taken a latte, cooled it down and added banana and chocolate. Perfect sipping while enjoying Saskatoon’s beautiful riverbank.

Vietnamese Coffee

Last, but definitely not least, is our new Vietnamese Coffee. This ridiculously decadent coffee is worth every sip. We have taken a latte and sweetened it with brown sugar then added condensed milk. Sound good? We haven’t finished. We add some half and half and top it off with whipping cream. Now we are done.

Check out our drink menus

COVID Update

Yes, COVID is still here but we are seeing vaccines rolling out and there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, we are still under restrictions so please be patient with us. According

to SHA we still have to remain at 30% capacity. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot grab a coffee and sit outside.

We have done a few things to make your life a bit easier:

- At busy times we have someone working the door. You could call him our coffee bouncer (hee, hee). He is there to help you find a seat and let you know what is going on.

- You can order online and pick up anytime.

- Line ups may look long but our door guy is also making sure everyone maintains a safe distance, so they move quicker than you think.

- Regular deep cleaning before open, during the day and after close are done daily.

- All staff and customers are wearing masks as directed by the Saskatchewan government.

· Contact tracing can be done through our website or through our rewards app.

And we are always here to answer any question and address any concerns.

Patio Weather is Here...Kind of!!!

Who is ready to enjoy your coffee on a sidewalk patio? We are!!! Now we just have to get Mother Nature on board. We have been working hard with the city to expand our outdoor patio. The plan will be to have a sidewalk patio on the corner of 19thst and Ave B. Once complete the patio will allow all types of drinks from HomeQuarter (hint, hint – that means wine) and of course our delicious food. We still have a few wrinkles to iron out, but we promise we will keep you posted. We are in such a gorgeous part of Saskatoon and we think our new plan will be the perfect place to enjoy our coffee and the city.

HomeQuarter Coffee House & Bakery Reward Program

We were trying to think of what would make HomeQuarter Coffee House’s coffee, tea and

food better. Once again, the thinking caps went on and we came up with the brilliant idea of offering rewards to you, our amazing customers. Now when you enjoy anything from HomeQuarter you earn points that then can be used to get free stuff. How awesome is that?

Front-Line Worker

In March we honoured front-line workers that you, our customers, nominated. There are so many out there that deserve this, but we were able to say thank you to a few.

Here are the front-line workers that enjoyed HomeQuarter Coffee House coffee break for them and their team.

Will add a list and pictures if we have them.

Thank you to all workers. You have been an integral part in surviving the past year on so many different levels. We cannot express what your dedication has meant to us.

Administrative Assistant Day

April 28th is Administrative Assistant Day. This is the day that we bow down to the people who get things done and keep everything running smoothly under the craziest of environments.

We have a few things in the works to show our appreciation and will let you know as we get closer to the day. In the meantime, grab your Administrative Assistant an espresso or latte on your way to work. Not only will they appreciate but the extra caffeine is sure to be a bonus.

Picnic Boxes

I know we say this all the time, but we have a beautiful city and a gorgeous riverbank. It is

the perfect place for a walk, people watching and picnics. While we cannot supply the people for your people watching we can supply you with your picnic box.

Picnic box includes:

  • 2 sandwiches of choice

  • 1 piece puffed wheat cake

  • 1 piece of banana bread

  • 1 bag of potato chips

  • 2 dill pickles

  • 2 drinks of choice

  • Cutlery and napkins

Order your picnic box online or in-store

New Menu Items

With the new season we have added a food new delicious items to our menu.

Chimichurri Beef Sandwich - Pulled beef with shredded carrot on a Kaiser bun. For your enjoyment we have added chimichurri sauce and the result is a tangy, garlicky and spicy sensation for your taste buds.

Avocado Toast - we have brought back on old favorite. This light, tasty and healthy breakfast comes with egg, avocado, tomatoes on toast of your choice.

Our full menu is online

So HomeQuarter peeps that is our month in a coffee bean (play on nut shell-I know cheesy). We just want to leave you our giggle of the month.