It's Cold Outside but HomeQuarter Coffeehouse has some Great Ideas for Staying Warm

New Year 2021 HomeQuarter Coffeehouse &n Bakery
Here's to 2021!!!

Many of us are very happy to say, "So long 2020 and welcome 2021!" While we are pretty happy to ring in a New Year we also know January can be one of the coldest months in Saskatoon. We have been working on some ways to keep you warm and safe during the cold months ahead. From our delicious specialty coffees and teas to our soul warming soups we are pretty sure we can make January in Saskatoon more enjoyable. And if those help, but don't quite get you over the January hump then we have some amazing deserts and baked goods that are sure to do you good. In addition, to amazing coffee and delicious food it is always a sunny at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery so we invite you to come, bask in the sun and enjoy the warm of our little café.

How Are We Keeping You Safe-COVID Protocols

At HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery we are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience through our delicious food, amazing coffee, unmatched service, and incredible hospitality. Even though some circumstances have changed, our promise to you has not. We want you to know some of the steps we have taken to provide you with a worry-free dining experience and ask that you join us in helping to make our restaurant a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and your fellow guests.

In addition to the below precautions we will work directly with you when delivering your meals to ensure everyone's safety.

At HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery we are now assisting you to find a seat and/or a place to wait until you can place your order at the front counter. Please be patient we are following SHA guidelines to keep us all safe.

Click to see our complete COVID procedure and our promise to keep you safe go to our website.

HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery Rewards Program

HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery is thrilled to announce the arrival of our Rewards Program. New year comes new exciting fun!!! All you need to get started is an iPhone or Android device and you are all set to start earning points that will lead to FREE coffee, sandwiches and other gifts.

"How", you ask, "can you take advantage of this?"

Step 1 - Join HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery Rewards

Go to Sign up and start earning reward point.

You can also scan our QR code at the till during your next visit. Need help? Our wonderful staff will walk you through sign up if you would like.

Step 2 - Earn Points with Every Purchase

Once you have joined each time you enjoy a meal or coffee you scan the QR code on your phone. You will then earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

Step 3 - Claim Offer

When you have the points needed you can claim your free gift. Rewards 12 oz Specialty Coffee - 40 points Free Sandwich - 60 points Free Bag of Coffee - 200 points

Step 4 - Redeem Your Gift

Next time you visit HomeQuarter Coffeehouse scan your QR code and the server will ensure you receive your gift.

Step 5 - Enjoy!!!!

Step 6 - Start Collecting Again

January Soup Calendar

Saskatoon you asked for it and we are happy to give it to you. A monthly calendar of our daily delicious soups.

Now planning your lunch outing or supper pick up is much easier. We promised to keep you warm this January and we know our soups are exactly what you need.

Even though we are heading in the throws of January, Saskatoon has such a beautiful river bank that is just steps away from HomeQuarter's front door. So bundle up you and the family and embark on an epic walk of our riverbank. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate at the start of your walk to get some warmth into you. Then when you are done reward yourself with some HomeQuarter Coffeehouse soup, sit back and just enjoy the sunlight that always is pouring into our café. Or sit by our fireplace, take off the layers and enjoy the fact that you did it...braved the cold weather. Congratulations!!! For an extra reward throw a cinnamon bun into the mix and call it a great day.

Click to get a better look at our Monthly Soup Calendar.

Get Together With Friends

The Saskatchewan government has limited households to 5 people. This includes only the people that live there (and a single person from another household).

Get Together with Friends at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery
Get Together with Friends at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery

This means getting together with friends or family is almost impossible. However, restrictions do allow you to meet friends and families at restaurants and cafes.

For many people this doesn’t make sense. Why should you be allowed to meet with people outside your home?

We have the answer to that!

We constantly clean and disinfect and have procedures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. So, if you decide to meet three girlfriends for lunch, we have your back. Our seating is newly designed to encourage social distancing between you and other customers. In addition, we have put up plastic barriers where necessary.

You and your friends can enjoy lunch, coffee and dessert and not have to worry. We are also individually packaging items to ensure your food is safe. And we do all the dishes. It’s a win win!!!

After you have enjoyed something off our menu and go on your way someone comes behind you and disinfects your area so the next people who use that table are safe. Think of them as our little cleaning elves.

Why this is different from having people in your home? You probably don’t disinfect your total house after your guests have left.

With all of this in mind we invite you to come to our restaurant and enjoy one of our supper meals, lunch option or one of our incredible breakfast menu options.

How to Survive Covid Restrictions Without Losing Your Mind

While we are doing everything we can to keep you safe, we understand some people are not comfortable going to restaurants. Everyone’s comfort level is different and if you feel more comfortable staying at home we get it.

However, we also know people are wanting some sort of normalcy and fun in their lives. Especially now while we wait for the days to get longer.

For this reason, we have upped our takeout and delivery service for Saskatoon.

Our entire menu is available for online orders . Just click on the link and order whatever you are craving.

You can order one of our new specialty coffees, a soup and sandwich for lunch, or cinnamon buns for you and your family. Sharing is optional.

We can also help you with any small office and staff gatherings you are trying to plan. All lunch items are individually packaged to ensure a safe lunch whether you are ordering for one or catering for a group.

All you have to do next is decide whether you want to pick it up at our café or get it delivered. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 10am and 2pm we will also be offering curbside pick up. Place your order online and we will contact you regarding whether you want to come inside to pick it up or have us bring it to your car.

We now have partnered with a delivery company in Saskatoon and will be offering delivery all day until 7pm.

If you don’t like the order online option you can also check out our entire menu and give us a call (306-975-2010). We can walk you through all of our delicious menu items including our coffees, teas, lunches, suppers and baked goods.

January's Hot Supper Menu will Keep You Warm

While we are known for our amazing coffee and delicious lunches our chef has also been working on hot meals for you to enjoy at supper time.

These meals are more than just a soup and sandwich. They are hot, hearty home cooked meals that will definitely take care of that January chill.

Whether you decide on our Chicken Pot Pie, that is packed full of a whole lot of goodness, or something a little more exotic, like our Chick Pea Curry with Rice, we know it will satisfy. You can order from our take out menu and pick it up or have it delivered. We will also be serving these supper meals for dine in providing there is enough room (sorry Covid has limited our seating).

Gluten Friendly Items

Again we have been listening to what you have been saying and we are putting together a listing of all our Gluten Friendly items. Since we are a bakery we cannot go totally Gluten Free. You should see the flour flying some days. But we do have options for you. In the past these options have not been very obvious so we have put together a page on our website where you can have a look before you come to visit us.

Check back often as we are exploring new Gluten Friendly options all the time.

HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery is on Shopico

Have you heard about Shopico? It is a great website where you can get great deals. Companies from Saskatoon and beyond sell gift certificates on Shopico for a fraction of the price of the gift certificate value. HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery is selling $50 Gift Certificates for $25. Wow!!!!

That means it is even more affordable to eat, drink and be merry this January at HomeQuarter. Now if that doesn't warm your soul we don't know what will.

Check it out there are some great deals there!

Welcome to 2021!!!