HomeQuarter Coffee House has the Best Patio in Saskatoon

Patio weather is finally here. We have been using our new patio for a bit but now we can sit on our patio and soak up the sun, enjoy a delicious summer drink and a tasty treat. Sounds like heaven to us. What could be more fun than enjoying an iced coffee watching Saskatoon at it’s best? We have the answer to that. Enjoying an iced coffee watching Saskatoon go by and one of our famous cheesecakes. Now we are truly in heaven!!!

HomeQuarter Coffeehouse Has a Picnic Idea for You

We are not sure what is on your summer bucket list, but we think picnics should be at the very top. Saskatoon has such a beautiful summer season, and we think we should take full advantage of getting out of our houses and into the outdoors .And what better way than with a picnic .Actually, we can make your picnic even more fun by making your picnic. We get everything ready for you, all you need to add is your picnic blanket and a location. Being that we are so close to the river we can even steer you in the right direction to enjoy your picnic.

Picnic box includes:

  • 2 sandwiches of choice

  • 1 piece puffed wheat cake

  • 1 piece of banana bread

  • 1 bag of potato chips

  • 2 dill pickles

  • 2 drinks of choice

  • Cutlery and napkins

Need some ideas to enjoy one of our picnics? How about surprising that special person in your life? We are fairly sure that will score you some pretty big points. Or grab the kids, some bubble, a frisbee and our picnic box and let the kids run and play while you take all the glory of supplying an amazing day. Whatever you decide we know it will be special.

Order Your Picnic Boxes Here

Team Lunches

We have been noticing people are starting to get back to their offices and projects that were put on hold and now given the green light again. While there is still some caution in this crazy world there is also much optimism. HomeQuarter Coffee House is the perfect place to get your team lunches. Whether you want a sandwich tray to share or have each person order their

own lunch we have you covered. Everything on our takeout menu is available for team lunches or give us a call (306-975-2010) and we can discuss what you need and cater to you.

We feel there is nothing better to get the creative juices flowing and energy level amped up than one of our delicious lunches, lattés (or the drink you prefer) and of course one of our famous desserts. We can deliver it to you, so you don’t have to leave your office or book our Hayloft and bring the team for a break before getting down to business.

Check Out Our Lunch Menu or Call (306-975-2010)

Table Service

If you build it, they will come. That’s what we thought about our patio. We have built it, people are coming, but ordering and reordering can be a challenge. To make your visit to HomeQuarter Coffee House the best experience of your day we decided to add table service. But we want to treat everyone equally, so we have included table service for inside as well. Table service will be on the weekends. Now you can order your delicious soup and sandwich and easily get your dessert when you decide you have room.

If you want to have a look at our extremely yummy menu before you arrive just go to our website.

Weekend Breakfasts

We are world renowned for our coffee and desserts…well maybe not world renowned but Saskatoon renowned. Anyway, we are known for our coffee and desserts, but our breakfasts deserve a little bit of attention. Our chef has come up with a great breakfast menu that will please your taste buds beyond belief. From our Croque Madame to our Breakfast Bowl, our breakfasts will leave you dreaming about our breakfasts. No seriously, people dream about our breakfast. Don’t believe us come down and try one and then let us know.

Have a look at our dream inspiring menu and then come on down. Our breakfast menu runs on Saturday and Sunday while we have a pared down weekly menu.

Have a peak at our breakfast menu online

We Can’t Wait to Open Up

The news daily is so encouraging with the numbers of vaccinated people increasing rapidly which means Saskatchewan is going to cautiously start opening up. Step One in the opening up plan will be at the end of May. This will not affect us too much except you will be able to have more than four people at a table. It will be so good to have people come to lunch with you that could not before because of the four-person limit. At step two there will be no limit on the number of people you can have at your table. However, we still must maintain the 3-metre distance between table. We know this has been a huge inconvenience for you our customers and we truly appreciate all the patience you have shown us during this time.

The big opening comes at step 3. We are so excited to get to this step. We can open wide. There will be no distancing requirements and possibly some glass barriers may be able to come down. So we will keep you posted and let you know when we reach each step and what it means for visiting HomeQuarter Coffee House

If you want more details go to the Government of Saskatchewan website

HomeQuarter Coffee House & Bakery Reward Program

From June 4th to June 20th HomeQuarter Coffeehouse is thrilled to be part of The Progress Club's Celebrity Challenge. During this time we will have 2 celebrities going head to head to promote HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery and sell gift cards. 15% of all gift card sales will go to support the many program The Progress Club supports. In addition, HomeQuarter Coffeehouse will be making 800 meals for The Friendship Inn over the next month. At the end we tally up what our celebrities sold and declare a winner. We will let you know who our celebrities are and what they are doing to get a leg up on each other, although we think everyone is a winner in this competition.

To learn more about The Celebrity Challenge and what organiziations are supported by The Progress Club go to their website.

Our Staff

We think we have the best staff in the world. And the coffee gods know this has been a challenging year for them. Again, we appreciate your patience. The glass barrier and the noise from our grinder and steamer can make hearing your orders a bit challenging. We were going to offer a charades class to make ordering easier but then the vaccines started flowing.

We want you to know our staff, so watch our social media for the months of May and June as we introduce you to some of them. Pay close attention there may be an exam at the end.

Have a great May and June and we look forward to spending time with you on our new patio.