HomeQuarter Coffee House Has the Best March Planned

Get Ready for the Best March at HomeQuarter Coffee House Saskatoon

We think it is safe to say it “It’s been a long winter!” If you are like us you are waiting for the weather to improve, get outdoors, and hopefully see some of the people you have been missing. We have one message for you, “Hang in there!”. Things are starting to look up but to help you get over the hump we have some things planned for March.

Nominate a Front-Line Worker

COVID has been tough on lots of people, but it has also brought out the best in people and we want to celebrate this. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, grocery store worker, bus driver or a barista (hee hee), so many of you have gone to work everyday, faced the public, gone the extra mile and exposed yourself to the possibility of getting COVID. We want to acknowledge these people and treat them to a coffee break on us. Each coffee break can accommodate 20 people. We need you to nominate a group, a department, a business, a group of volunteers or anyone you think deserves a break. Let us know what they have faced and how they are doing. We will be choosing a group each week and send them coffee and goodies to say “thankyou” and let them know we couldn’t have done this without them.

To nominate send their (or your) story to homequartercoffeehouse@gmail.com. We would love to see their smiling faces (with masks of course) so feel free to send picture. We will be sharing your stories and each week making a draw for the most delicious coffee break in Saskatoon.

We Are Open for You!!!

It is becoming a cliché but we are in such different times right now. We guess things become clichés because they are true! It is so hard to know who is open, who only does take out and who has modified hours. Well, we want you to know we are committed to stay open for you as long as we are allowed (hopefully always). We want to provide our customers with the best place to come enjoy a delicious latte, a sweet treat, or a yummy lunch. And while we do have limited seating in accordance with SHA we will do our best to provide you with a spot to take a load off and just relax. Our café has the best windows, and the sun pours in. It is truly an incredible place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. We also are constantly sanitizing, doing contact tracing and personally seating people when it gets busy.

If you have any questions about our seating or precautions, please feel free to call us (306-975-2010).

Our hours are:

Monday – 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 8pm Saturday – 8am to 5pm Sunday – 10am to 5pm

We also understand a lot of people are not comfortable sitting in a café right now no matter how glorious the sun filled windows are, so we also have take out and delivery available. Our full menu is online (click for details).

HomeQuarter Coffee House Staycation 2021

We are extremely excited to announce our first HomeQuarter Coffee House Saskatoon Staycation. If you are like us you are itching to get away but for obvious reason we can’t. We have put our thinking caps on and are bringing your long desired get away to you. How, you ask, can HomeQuarter Coffee House bring my vacation to me? We are so happy you asked that question.

From Mar 12th to 21st we will have an exotic and delicious menu for you to enjoy. From our desserts to our coffee and meals we are going to bring tastes from our favorite destinations to your taste buds. We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but there may be a little bit of Australia, a dash of Cuba and the rest is top secret…for the next week anyway.

But wait! That’s not all! What vacation is complete without some tours and pictures of you enjoying yourself? Again, so glad you asked!!!You will be able to take pictures in front of some iconic landmarks and experience some of our favorite destinations. We will keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram and where we will be sending you…virtually of course.

Click for Staycation details on our website.

St. Patrick’s Day

What is green, delicious and warms your soul? Everything at HomeQuarter Coffee House on St. Patrick’s Day!!!

In the middle of our Staycation, we will take a little detour and spend the day with our

friends from Ireland. Our leprechauns have already been working hard on bringing the best of Ireland to our little corner of the world. While they are pretty tight lipped on what is going on, we imagine it will involve using their magic and turning some of our favorite drinks and treats green. We are keeping our fingers crossed they will be bringing some pots of gold with them but who knows they are tricky little guys.

We are fairly sure they will be letting everyone know what to expect once we get closer to St. Patrick’s Day so keep you eyes on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

February Soup Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who took place in our soup competition in February. It was quite the battle. The reining champion (Northern Saskatchewan Whitefish and Butternut Squash Chowder) took on many competitors. It faced our Chickpea Curry daily and our Soup of the Day (Tomato Basil, Coconut Squash). It was a nail biter. We were not sure who was going to win but, in the end, the Northern Saskatchewan Whitefish and Butternut Squash Chowder came out swinging a little harder than the rest and was victorious. Whitefish Chowder’s name will now go on the highly sought after HomeQuarter Coffee House & Bakery Best Soup of the year trophy.

We think it was a the most delicious competition we have had to date and hope you all enjoyed it. Our March soup calendar is now on our website so check it out

HomeQuarter Coffee House & Bakery Reward Program

We were trying to think of what would make HomeQuarter Coffee House’s coffee, tea and

food better. Once again, the thinking caps went on and we came up with the brilliant idea of offering rewards to you, our amazing customers. Now when you enjoy anything from HomeQuarter you earn points that then can be used to get free stuff. How awesome is that?

To sign up or get more information go to our website or talk to our staff.

That is what we have going on for March. We will be posting and emailing regarding the details of our Staycation 2021. If you don’t receive our emails (we send two each month) and want to please go to our website and sign up. Otherwise if Facebook and Instagram works best for you keep checking them as we will be updating you as things develop. Have a great March and we can’t wait to see you soon.