HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery specializes in making amazing Coffee.  Whether you are looking for a specialty coffee like a latte or an Americano our baristas will make you a cup of coffee you will enjoy.  

If you are not into coffee we also have what we think is the best tea in Saskatoon.  Don't forget to check out our seasonal lattes.  For winter we have the Gingersnap Latte, Salted Hazelnut Latte, Eggnog Latte and our delicious Peppermint white Mocha.

Don't forget we have great treats that go with your hot drinks.

Specialty Coffees

Espresso/Warm Drinks

Amp up Your Drink

Butter Tart Latte            $5.50/$6/$6.50

Butter Tart Latte            $5.50/$6/$6.50 Mocha                                    $5.50/$6/$6.50 Nutella Hot Choc          $4.50/$5/$5.50 Hot Chocolate                 $4/$4.50/$5 London Fog                        $4.50/$5/$5.50 Chai Tea Latte                   $4.50/$5/$5.50

Gingersnap Latte            $5.50/$6/$6.50

Eggnog Latte                    $5.50/$6/$6.50

Salted Hazelnut              $5.50/$6/$6.50

Chocolate Latte             $5.50/$6/$6.50

Peppermint White

    Mocha                               $5.50/$6/$6.50

Brewed Coffee               $3/$3.50/$4

Tea                                        $3/$3.50/$4

Espresso                            $3.50

Americano                       $3.50/$4

Machiatto                       $3.50

Cortado                           $4

Cappucino                       $4/$4.50

Latte                                  $4/$4.50/$5

Cafe au Lait                    $4/$4.50/$5 S

salted Caramel Latte    $5.50/$6/$6.50

Espresso Shot           $1

Flavour Shot            $0.50

Whip Cream                $0.75

Choco Milk               $1

Tea Flavours

English Breakfast

Earl Grey de la Creme

Chai Indienne

Milk Oolong

Gunpowder Green

White Peony (Ba du Mai)

Star Anise Tea

Cranberry Rooibos Herbal

Raspberry Mint Herbal

Christmas Spice


Gramma's Apple Pie

Lemon Ginger

Coffee Flavours

Morning Bliss

Midnight Express

NWP Mexican Decaf

Spotted Frog Espresso

Syrup Choices

Milk Choices




Sugar Caramel

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Salted Caramel S

ugar Free Vanilla

Sugar Free Hazelnut









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