Breakfast Catering




Savoury Options  $7.00/person


  • Savoury breakfast scones with herbed cream cheese and a peach and mango chutney

  • Savory turnover served warm and made from puff pastry, sliced potatoes, onion, mozzarella cheese.  A delicious treat with a cup of coffee.

  • Breakfast sandwich on an English muffin with egg, sausage patty, sweet peppers and cheddar cheese

Meeting Express Continental  $8.00/person

  • An assortment of fresh muffins, strudel, croissant & fresh cut seasonal fruit

Fast and Fresh  $11.00/person

  • A healthy combination of fresh cut seasonal fruit, Saskatoon berry yogurt parfaits & fresh baked trail mix granola bars


Ala Carte

Saskatoon Berry Yogurt Parfaits

1/2 Dozen $33, 1 Dozen $60

Fresh Fruit Cups

1/2 Dozen $33, 1 Dozen $60

Giant Cinnamon Bun

1/2 Dozen $24, 1 Dozen $45

Jumbo Muffins

1/2 Dozen $13, 1 Dozen $25

Gourmet Cookies

1/2 Dozen $10, 1 Dozen $18

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Continental Breakfast